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(Simple) Ode to Dad

28 April, 2016

“April is the cruellest month, breeding
Lilacs out of the dead land, mixing.
Memory and desire, stirring. ” (TS Eliot)

You left us too soon with me hoping
That it was just a nightmare – me dreaming
Which actually woke me up on exam day morning.
You couldn’t see me graduating
And that is just one regret feeling.
Thanks to you for inculcating in me my childhood taste in the Beatles and a bit of reading.
However I wish we could have done together fair bit of travelling!

I could visualize you up there reading
And writing and writing.
Living up to your passion of teaching!
Till now it has been a fair bit of success and times of struggling.
And I am grateful for who I am or what I am now with your blessing.
Though I have miles to go in this life as I keep on inching.

(My father’s favourite Beatles song was : “When I’m sixty-four” and coincidentally he passed away at that age this day many years back!)


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