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A snapshot of Japanese cuisine

This page has links to two posts I wrote for my friend Prateek’s blog. Also, some of the experiences that highlighted my short vacation in Japan may be read here . Itadakimasu! Read Part 1 here : and Part 2 may be found here : Gochiso sama deshita

A Taste of Goa

In the month of April, 2014,  I visited Goa for the first time and that too primarily to attend the marriage of a friend. Before then, whenever I used to tell some friends that I had never been to Goa, they would give me a look as if I had committed a crime of not visiting Goa before! Goa is known primarily for it’s serene beaches and an active party life. Beyond that, there’s another part of Goa – the UNESCO World Heritage Site of  Churches and Convents of Goa, the greenery of the Western Ghats and a laid-back lifestyle. However, this post is focussed on a few Goan dishes that I had managed to sample during that visit. Goan cuisine is essentially an extension of the cuisine of the Konkan coast of India. Broadly speaking, the cuisine falls into two categories : Hindu cuisine and the Catholic cuisine. Since I had tried a fair bit of Konkan cuisine  before, this time I tried to sample a bit more of the Catholic cuisine . From the beginning of …

A Bite of Balkan

(This post originally appeared in my friend Prateek Dasgupta’s blog on food and it’s impact on culture – Flavor Of Spice) This summer of 2015, I went on a short trip (partially solo and partially with a college friend) to South-East Europe touching some of the Balkan countries (Slovenia, Croatia , Bosnia and Herzegovina – parts of the former Yugoslavia) on the way. This gave me an exciting opportunity to taste some of the varied cuisine of the region including a healthy amount of seafood too as we passed through the stunning Adriatic Coast and the Dalmatian region of Croatia. Former Yugoslavia has had its own share of brutal internal conflicts leading to its breakup and one of the worst war scars in relatively recent history.Like its varied ethnicity, its cuisine is also a culinary melting pot. You may read the rest of the blog here .