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A snapshot of Japanese cuisine

This page has links to two posts I wrote for my friend Prateek’s blog. Also, some of the experiences that highlighted my short vacation in Japan may be read here . Itadakimasu! Read Part 1 here : and Part 2 may be found here : Gochiso sama deshita

Japan – First impressions

In my very first job, the first dedicated customer project that I worked for was a Japanese one- Suzuki and ever since then always wanted to visit that country. Finally I could arrive there in the summer of 2016 (June) for a short vacation of 9 days. If I have to summarize : Japan is magical. Japan is mind-boggling. Japan is mesmerizing! Here are some of the things and experiences that highlighted my stay there: 1. Courtesy: The people in Japan in general are very polite. Bowing to others is almost a routine. I have bowed to almost every person after saying : “Arigatou gozaimasu!” (Thank you!) ( Pronounced – Ari-gato go-zai-mas) . The conductor in the Shinkansen (Bullet train) will bow after he leaves your coach, the food attendant girl/lady will bow after she leaves your coach. Even the people who clean the Shinkansen train at its final destination will bow at the train coach after they are done with their job. Though many people won’t understand English, they will try to help you …